Dear Friends,

Throughout my life, sports and Judaism seemed to be separate entities. As a youth, I had the opportunity to participate in significant and worthwhile Jewish activities and camps, which directly affected my appreciation for Judaism and my Jewish heritage. I attended Camp Solomon Schechter as a camper and counselor for many summers and also participated in USY. However, as great as these programs were, I still found myself searching for other avenues to connect with my Jewish peers.

I was fortunate to have attended the Seattle Jewish Community School where I received a meaningful Jewish education. I went on to Lakeside School and played three years of varsity basketball there in addition to a year of freshman team basketball at Occidental College. Currently, I am a senior at the University of Southern California, and I serve as the Hillel Student President.

I founded Hebrew Hoops because I want to merge the two arenas of sports and Judaism. I believe that sport has the power to draw in youth and engage them, through a Jewish perspective, in understanding life’s greater lessons. Sports demand maturity, patience, determination, and a strong work ethic. Hebrew Hoops is founded upon the idea that basketball and Judaism have similar lessons to teach.

My goal is for Hebrew Hoops to be a platform where Jewish youth can receive high-quality basketball skill instruction while also developing a lifelong connection to the Jewish community. I hope that campers will complete Hebrew Hoops camps recognizing that they each have a role to play in the larger Jewish community.

I am looking forward to developing Hebrew Hoops even further, producing a platform for Jewish youth to form friendships with each other, and also helping each camper achieve their own personal athletic goals in the game of basketball.

Thank you for your support.


Sam Fein

Founder and Director of Hebrew Hoops